Never try to take outfit photos in heels on soggy ground. You will sink. And there will be a million photos of you falling over. And your evil cat will take this as an opportunity to start nibbling on your leg.


I don't know whether it's the recent influx of 4 adorable kittens to our household, or my general love of cats, but recently I've not been able resist anything cat related. Be it cat print, witty feline slogans, or pointy ears, cat apparel is simply adorable. It's no secret I aspire to a crazy cat lady (well, it's between that or a high powder, Louboutin wearing, business executive), so why shouldn't I start to look the part now? I remember reading on WGSN a while back that cats on knitwear is going to be a huge trend for this year. Well, I take cats on knitwear and raise you a cats on ANYTHING. Maybe this will finally make my cat-hair covered clothes fashionable?


Can I just say well done to all the bloggers who take photos throughout the winter months? Even with the steadily improving British weather I will was freezing my bits off today trying to take these photos. I was also joined by an ice cream van half way through taking these photos, which seemed wildly inappropriate given the weather, and also resulted in swarms of people staring at me and my camera whilst purchasing their ice creams. The worst part? I didn't even have money on me to buy myself one.


I am a self confessed beauty addict, however since moving to University and joining the hoards of poor students my relationship with makeup has been one of 'you can look, but you can't have'. Over the past half a year therefore my wishlist for high end makeup has grown substantially - it doesn't help that I will want literally anything anyone recommends me. So here are my top most wanted products, most of which I have bloggers to blame for.


Today's review is going to be on a product I've been loving recently; the Maybelline age rewind concealer. This concealer boasts an 'active formula and micro-corrector applicator' that 'erase dark circles, puffiness and fine lines easily', which is basically a fancy was to say "look! it has a sponge!". The 'active formula' it mentions contains Haloxyl, a combination of active ingredients attributed to absorbing coloured blood pigments (ew) in the skin, aka dark circles, and firming and toning the eye area. All things that are generally awesome in an under eye concealer.


I was inspired recently whilst playing about with makeup by the Chanel SS/14 makeup (which you can see here, if you haven't already - it's beautiful). The look's a fairly simple one, super bold winged eyeliner (which I chose to do with gel eyeliner to replicate the matte look) with winged out mixed glitter underneath. And it's super pretty - although I'm not sure my dad thinks so, "what's happened to your eyes" were his exact words when I facetimed him earlier. Probably not the most suitable look for day to day wear, but very pretty for when you're feeling something a little more 'out there'. Keep reading if you want to know what I created this look with.
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